The Ark of Taste: the foods and skills of the Brazilian food heritage all in one book

The first publication about the Ark of Taste in Brazil will be presented by Carlo Petrini today in the course of a meeting entitled ‘O valor da biodiversidade para uma nova economia sustentável,’ (The importance of biodiversity for a new sustainable economy), which will close the first day of the Semana MESA São Paulo-Mesa Tendência week in São Paulo, Brazil.

A Arca do Gosto no Brasil is a collection of the results of research work carried out on the first 200 Brazilian food products to be catalogued on the Ark of Taste, Slow Food’s international project for the identification and conservation of foodstuffs in danger of extinction. The aim of the book is to disseminate not only general information about the products themselves, but also awareness of Brazil’s food and agricultural heritage to encourage communities not to lose their bond with the land.

Published by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, the book was made possible by the work of Slow Food’s Brazilian network, Slow Food regional coordinator, and the project entitled ‘Alimentos Bons, Limpos e Justos: Ampliação e Qualificação da Participação da Agricultura Familiar Brasileira no Movimento Slow Food’ (Good Clean and Fair Food: expansion and evaluation of the participation of Brazilian family farming in the Slow Food movement) – SEAD/UFSC/Slow  Food, for the mapping and cataloguing of the food products described in the book, that was systematized by two Brazilian students graduating at UNISG, Bruno Morett Figueiredo Rosa and Diego Silva Dos Santos.

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