Slow Iftar

The iftar is the time in the evening when Muslims break the fast during the month of Ramadan. And it is on this occasion that Sara El Sayed – Slow Food International Counselor for Egypt – and a group of members of Slow Food and the Nawaya organization thought to educate the community.

In the village of Abusir, near Sakkara, organic products, some of which are present on the Ark of Taste like chicken Begawi were prepared during the iftar.


The dishes were cooked by four chefs: a mix of city chefs with modern interpretations and women of the village, keepers of the traditional recipes of the dishes. The meeting gave rise to a menu rich in fruits and vegetables, including couscous with fried chicken breast and grilled vegetables with apricot juice, alternating between sweet and savory typical of these meals.


The unique idea of ​​this iftar at the table saw over 140 people from all walks of society, rural and city, but also the presence of the Christians, foreigners and tourists to show that the sharing of food is an important facilitator of dialogue and mutual understanding.


“We wanted to emphasize the fact that a world of dialogue is possible,” says Sara, “Just having the ability to change and be open-minded. I saw the emotion of those present when there was the call to prayer of the imam to indicate the conclusion of the fast. And I saw the curiosity and the desire to get to know others. “


And the desire to repeat this initiative in other regions is so great. “It would be nice if this began a tradition of Slow iftar,” concludes Sarah. “Who knows?”


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