Marktplatz MittelKärnten – Carinthia

Slow Food Travel

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Carinthia is the state of Austria where the Slow Food Travel model was first tested and implemented worldwide, leading to the development of the Slow Food Travel Alpe Adria destination in Geiltal and Lesachtal valleys.

Now, four years on the run, it is time to welcome the second Slow Food Travel destination in Carinthia, Marktplatz MittelKärnten.

Brunnerhof. Photo: Elias Jerusalem

Mittelkärnten region is located at the heart of Carinthia, where the Alps leave the step to gentle slopes, prosperous hills, and warm swimming lakes. A land rich in history and natural landscapes, perfect for hiking and biking while enjoying some of the best food experiences of Austria.

From a gastronomic perspective, Mittelkärnten is the land where wine meets beer. In just few kilometers, it is possible to relax on the shore of the Längsee lake, drink the outstanding natural pinot noir produced by Uta and Markus at their Georgium Winery; and then sit in the gardens of Hirt brewery, enjoying a 750-yea-old family tradition.

Weingut Karnburg. Photo: Elias Jerusalem

Marktplatz Mittelkärnten owns its name to an online shop and marketplace that brought together 58 food excellencies from throughout the region: quality-oriented premium manufactories, honest and varied gastronomy and accommodation, genuine agricultural businesses. Besides products, Marktplatz Mittelkärnten started offering various-level experiences, and soon became a potential destination, which now turns real thanks to the support of Kärnten DMO (Kärnten Verbung) and the local Slow Food association “Gut Sauber und Fair”.

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