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Scicli Cosaruciaru Bean

In Sicilian dialect, cosaruciaru means “sweet thing,” and this bean from Scicli is especially sweet. Creamy white in color with distinctive reddish-brown streaks around the hilum, the cannellini-type bean has a very thin skin.
The seeds of this ecotype were passed down through generations of Scicli families, but over time it has become an increasingly marginal crop.
With the Presidium, Slow Food wants to unite all the producers into an association and preserve this small example of local biodiversity, seeking also to inspire younger growers to start cultivating the bean.

Production area: Scicli Municipality, Ragusa Province
Presidium supported by: Sicily Regional Authority’s Agriculture and Food Department
Seasonality: The beans are harvested from the middle of October to the middle of November, but can be found dried year-round.