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Sámi Reindeer Gurpi

Gurpi is a type of reindeer cured meat, a specialty of the Sámi, indigenous peoples from the Sápmi region, spread across the north of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia. The reindeer is at the core of Sámi culture and their traditional way of living includes migration with their semi-wild reindeer to different pastures, depending on the time of year, weather and access to food.
Gurpi is made of cold-smoked minced meat wrapped in leksusbuoidi, a caul. The product can be dried to eat directly, otherwise fried or grilled according to necessity. As Gurpi keeps well, Sami nomadic herders use to eat it during the long periods of transhumance. When fried, it is usually served as a meal with potatoes, vegetables and salad. Both the recipes for making gurpi and the name of the product itself vary according to regions and Sámi-families.