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Polizzi Generosa Pepper

A stone village clinging to a ridge in the heart of the Madonie mountains, Polizzi Generosa preserves an extraordinary wealth of culture, architecture and food, including a pepper known in the local dialect as pipiddu. Small, with a conical shape of varying regularity, it has a bright green skin that turns red when ripe. Most unusually, this pepper grows upwards. The history of this pepper can only be reconstructed thanks to oral testimony. Cultivation requires great patience: each plant must be supported because otherwise the weight of the fruits bend them downwards. The seeds are sown in April and the seedlings are planted out in the fields between the end of May and June. Flowering starts in July and continues until October. The harvest takes place in stages, starting in July and continuing until November. The peppers can be eaten raw, in salads, but in the most typical local preparation they are grilled and dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, basil and wine vinegar.

Production area
Polizzi Generosa municipality, Palermo province

Presidium supported by
Municipality of Polizzi Generosa