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Magghia Masculina

The Gulf of Catania is still dotted with small fishing boats. From Capo Mulini in the north, in front of the Cyclopean Islands, to Capo Santa Croce in the south, the fishermen set out their drift nets at night to catch the Masculina anchovies just as fishermen did in the times of Homer. Also called anciuvazzu and anciuvurineddu, these darting little fish have many names. The small heads of the fish get caught in the holes of the net called the maglie (the origins of the name Magghia), creating a natural bleeding, which produces a tastier and more prized fish. The Presidium also produces canned anchovies in salt in cugnitti – traditional ceramic containers.

Production area: Gulf of Catania
Presidium supported by: Sicilian Region’s Agriculture and Forestry Department
Seasonality: fishing takes place from April to July and the salted product is available year-round.