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Lutzmannsburg is a small village of about 860 inhabitants in Burgenland, Austria, on the border with Hungary.
Lutzmannsburg is famous for its thermal spa and for the production of red wines and is one of the oldest market towns in Burgenland (there is evidence of a local market dating back to 1156).

The Lutzmannsburg Earth Market was founded by Slow Food Burgenland together with a group of highly motivated producers from the region, supported by the Roman Catholic parish council as well as by the local community of Lutzmannsburg.
The launch of the Market was financed by Slow Food Burgenland and market fees from the local producers who regularly participate and present their products at the market.

In addition to its local supply function for the regional population, the Earth Market wants to address guests who would like to discover and enjoy the traditional products and culinary specialties of the region.
Beyond offering fresh, high-quality products, the market is a place for exchange and socializing.

The Earth Market takes place in and around the vicarage of the Roman Catholic Parish of Lutzmannsburg. Because it is mostly covered (it is hosted in an old barn that belongs to the Parish), the market is active all year round. The barn can host about 14 exhibitors. There is also a “bar” where microbreweries and wine producers are invited to present their products.
The location is equipped with tables, of which producers and visitors alike can make use.
It is also possible to taste some simple plates, depending on what the producers have to offer: during the cold season there are vegetable soups and bread dumplings, typical pig blood sausages or liver (traditionally prepared as “Sautanz” on the day a pig is slaughtered), a broad range of sweet and salty pastry (e.g. apple or cabbage strudel), fresh salads or seasonal vegetable-dishes in spring and summertime.
In the warm season, there are additional exhibitors outdoors who sell a range of products, from rare and old varieties of plants and vegetables to typical wood and ceramic handicrafts. There is a rich program of family activities and workshops for children.

The 13 “steady” producers involved in the Earth Market live and produce within 40 km of the market venue. The products that are sold are natural (i.e. made with traditional and sustainable production methods) and some are certified organic or biodynamic. The market can offer a large range of products and goods, like breads and pastries, dairy, cheese, fresh and cured meats, vegetables and preserve, eggs, beers, wine, honey, apple juice, herbs and spices, liquors, fruits, organic fair-trade coffee.
The market occasionally hosts producers from Austrian Slow Food Presidia (e.g. the Heirloom Leithaberger Cherry Varieties Presidium) and from other regions.

The Lutzmannsburg Earth Markets is environmentally friendly and applies several energy-saving measures. The tasting and packaging materials are reduced to a minimum and are always recyclable or biodegradable.

The market is a 10-minute walk from the village center. Lutzmannsburg can be reached by public transportation. There is a lot of space for parking in front of the barn and in the immediate surroundings.

The market takes place all year, on the 2nd Saturday of the month, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

7361 Lutzmannsburg, Hofstatt 1, Pfarrstadel.

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Contact info:

Slow Food Burgenland - Kerstin Rohrer
Tel: +43 650 812 23 84
Contact info:

Slow Food Burgenland - Kerstin Rohrer
Tel: +43 650 812 23 84