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"Support the farmers if you want to eat pesticide-free vegetables!"

With this slogan, the Earth Markets Mauritius inaugurated their new initiative, spanning different locations from Cap Tamarin, Goodlands, Grand Bay to Trianon. Created as an innovative platform to promote a healthier diet and fight against the use of pesticides in farming, Earth Markets Mauritius involves regulated local producers, including surplus from Universal College Mauritius, (; Caritas Community Garden ( and backyard gardens.

The products on sale include vegetables (lettuce, carrots, onions, beetroot, snow peas, cabbage, radishes, eggplant and spinach) and fruits (mango, avocado, lychee, tamarind, moringa and breadfruit) as well as products (jams, honeys, teas, yogurt and cheese). Regulated, local makers of recycled and eco-crafts are also given access.

Earth Market Mauritius promotes the exchange of knowledge and values. Presently active at Trianon Shopping Park, it is also possible to find and exchange local seeds. The platform acts as a means to educate consumers on how to find agricultural products produced in an environmentally friendly way, respecting local traditions and seasonality. The market also organizes workshops about composting and recycling, and educational seminars on food and nutrition.

With the nominations of Red Banana ( and Red Toupie Onion ( on the Ark of Taste, Earth Markets Mauritius engage consumers to take action to help preserve biodiversity.

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The Earth Market is held from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, every six weeks in Cap Tamarin (La Place), and once a month in Goodlands (Belmont).

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Hoozla Ramoly Sookia
Earth Markets Mauritius