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Bouctouche is the largest town in Kent County, New Brunswick, with 2,361 inhabitants. It is a modern town with a rich tradition and history influenced by its Acadian heritage as well as the presence of First Nations and Anglophone cultures.
The town has been recognized as the model sustainable tourism community in Atlantic Canada. It is a destination that has transformed itself from being based on longstanding but declining fisheries economy to a dynamic mixed economy with responsible tourism as a central pillar.
The Slow Food Earth Market takes place at the Bouctouche Farmers’ Market (BFM) site, located in the heart of the downtown, facing the beautiful Bouctouche Bay. The location itself is the original site of the Irving family business, and is destined for greatness.
The Bouctouche Farmers’ Market opened in 1999. The original structure was destroyed by a fire in 2015 and then renovated thanks to the involvement of the municipality, citizens, associations, and producers. The aim was to develop a farmers’ market Centre of Excellence for the Maritime Provinces.
In 2018, Bouctouche inaugurated a completely renewed market with a 9,300 square-foot space that, in addition to serving fresh and high-quality products and providing a meeting place, creates connections between visitors and producers. The project addresses sustainability goals related to waste management and recycling and consumer education. The location is well equipped with a commercial kitchen, a local food boutique, and a flexible Slow Food Education Space.
The Bouctouche Earth Market, which will open at the onset of the 2020 season, set for May, is an initiative of the BFM and is supported by the first Slow Food convivium in New Brunswick, Slow Food Cocagne Acadie (SFCA), and the Town of Bouctouche. The leaders and support team are members of the original convivium.
The main producers attending the market are from southeastern New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia and are all small to medium-scale producers who work in line with the Slow Food principles of good, clean and fair. Thus far, 20 producers are involved, bringing seasonal products such as fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, edible flowers, and specialties from the Ark of Taste. There are always free-range eggs, fresh and cured meats, farm cheeses, and honey, jam, and preserves.

The market takes place at different times according to the season:
Regular season:
The BFM takes place every Saturday from May to October, and the 2020 season will run from May 18 to October 26, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Christmas Season:
First weekend of December.

Where: 9 Irving Blvd, Bouctouche, NB E4S 3J3, Canada

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coordinator: Kathy Gildart
Tel: (506) 744-1020 and (506) 380-0188
e-mail: -
coordinator: Kathy Gildart
Tel: (506) 744-1020 and (506) 380-0188
e-mail: -