Kindu Community Garden

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Democratic Republic of the Congo


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Slow Food in Democratic Republic of the Congo

The immense Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa is characterized by significant natural biodiversity, with one of the largest equatorial forests in the world, an Atlantic coastline, rivers, mountains, hills, lakes and volcanoes. The country is also distinguished by its exceptional mineral wealth, though this has led to tension, exploitation and constant violent conflict between militias and the local people. Despite this extremely unstable political climate, the Slow Food network is very active in the country, and has been coordinated by national organizers since 2011. Taking the creation of many community and school food gardens as a starting point, other initiatives have been launched by the country’s convivia: national gatherings, forums for reflection on the management of fishing and forestry resources, projects to support the Kivu pygmies and traditional food mapping.

Garden Informations

Type:Community Garden
Slow Food Convivium:Kindu-Maniema Convivium
Coordinator:Martin Misako Milangilwa