Slow Food Chefs Alliance in Belgium!

Slow Food will officially launch the Slow Food Chefs’ AllianceBelgium  during the inauguration of the 12th Edition of the Organic Week.

The goal of Slow Food is to promote a food system which is good, clean and fair, that’s the reason why the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance, committed to protecting and sustaining small local production is being launched on the occasion of one of the most important events dedicated to sustainable agriculture, Organic Week. There is a common objective to support producers who have decided, through their products, to commit to the protection of agricultural biodiversity and to invest long-term to help consumers buy food which has been cultivated in a way which respects the environment, health and social justice. Good, clean and fair foods according to the Slow Food definition.

The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance is an international project which is engaged in the battle for the protection of agricultural and food biodiversity all over the world. The Alliance is made up of chefs who have agreed a pact with Slow Food Presidia producers and all local producers who cultivate respecting the good, clean and fair concept. The goal is to stimulate the creation of a circuit in the local economy, which helps find a market for these authentic products which cannot find a suitable place in large retailers. The chefs are committed to buying and working with local raw materials from this network of farmers, breeders, fishermen, butchers, bakers and artisans who carry forward safeguard traditional techniques and knowledge.

The chefs are also committed to adding the names of producers they buy from to their menus, giving added importance and visibility to their work.

The Alliance project has already gained hundreds of members including hotels, restaurants and pizzerias in the six countries where it is already active (Italy, the Netherlands, Morocco, Albania, Mexico and Canada).

The first chefs to sign up in Belgium are:
– Claude Pohlig, Cuisine Potager (Brabant-Wallon)
– Damien Bouchery, Bouchéry (Bruxelles)
- Thomas Carton, PinPon (Bruxelles)
– Olivier Cazaubon, Chez Augusta (Bruxelles)
– Ugo Federico & Francesco Cury, Racines Bruxelles (Bruxelles)
– Denis Delcampe, Le Tournant (Bruxelles)
– Clémence Friedmann et Joël Geismar, Le Garage à Manger (Bruxelles)
– Kamo, Kamo (Bruxelles)
– Andrea Leone, La Piola (Bruxelles)
– Dirk Miny, Les Brigittines (Bruxelles)
– Coralie Rutten, Yag (Bruxelles)
– Catherine Scherrer, Le Bistrot du Canal (Bruxelles)
– Pascal et Hermien Martens, Vertes Feuilles (Hainaut)
– Philippe Renard, Philosophie de Cuisine (Liège)
– Didier Suetens, Lola & Aude Piette, Les Gamines (Luxembourg)
– Christiane et Willy Delcour, Le Bon Vin (Namur)
– Felice Miluzzi, Ristorante Rossi (Oost-Vlaanderen)

These chefs wanted to combine these rules with their own specific criteria in Belgium, reinforcing their engagement with the cause which we all want to defend together.

The official presentation will take place on the 4th June 2016 at 11:00 on the Place d’Armes in Namur. On the same day in Culinary Stand 2, the Chefs’ Alliance will organise a tasting session at 11:00 after the speeches. On the 5th June, still in Culinary Stand 2, there will be another tasting session. A stand dedicated to the Alliance will be set up on both the 4th and 5th where more information about the project will be available.

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