Slow Food in Burkina Faso wins awards at the “Koudou du Faso”

terra madre burkina fasoThe 4th edition of “Koudou du Faso” – a gastronomic event organized by Oxfam Burkina that was held from October 27-29 2017 in Ouagadougou to promote local products and dishes from Burkina Faso – was a great success.

Thanks to the support of the Fondazioni for Africa Slow Food in Burkina Faso actively participated in the event: over a period of three days, several organizations exhibited under the Slow Food banner: the food community of Dori, with their preparation of Gapal, a drink made with yoghurt, ground millet and desert dates; the Arbollé Yam Producers; and the female cooks of three “good, clean and fair” restaurants: the Wonders of the Savannah, Delwendé and Somyiri.

This unprecedented participation in a gastronomic event gave Slow Food in Burkina Faso the chance to distinguish itself, as much by the quality and originality of its dishes as by the strength of its network.

The awards were numerous, starting with the Arbollé Yam which won the second prize in the raw product category. This prize is an important recognition of this unique variety, grown in the seven villages of Arbollé and highly sought after for its sensory qualities.

“We are very happy to have been awarded second prize. Next time we will do even better to win the first prize: we must give back value to the Arbollé Yam and look for ways to process it,” noted the president of the group, Dianda Pabèdiyam.

Meanwhile, the Delwendé restaurant won first prize in the starter category for its Moringa Salad. Restaurant co-founder Franceline Tarnagda, who has been collaborating with Slow Food for a few years to promote local biodiversity, said, “I got to know Slow Food after my first participation in the Koudou du Faso. I realized that Slow Food’s philosophy matches our association’s, so we joined the movement. I learned that Arbollé’s yam is endangered and I had never heard of this particular variety .” Tarnagda is also President of the Association of Women with a Future, and cook for Terra Madre Burkina Faso and the author of From The Earth to The Table (De la terre a la table).

“We compliment each other; we must continue to develop synergies between producers and restaurateurs to give value to these dishes that are not well-known by the general population.”

Also in the starters category, the Yako restaurant “Les Merveilles de la Savanne” won second prize for its preparation of Guelboom, a dish made from ground millet flour, bikalga juice, soumbala, smoked fish, garlic, onion and fresh tomato.

Safietta Nabaloum, a chef and active member of the Yako convivium, tells us: “I dedicate this award to Slow Food, which gives us greater visibility and helps make our traditional dishes better known. I cook local dishes to get people interested in what we produce at home. In recent years, our restaurant has become more popular than ever before, which is a good sign for our biodiversity! ”

The awards are also important in the context of the Slow Food International campaign, Menu For Change, which invites everyone to take action against global warming by linking it to food production and consumption.

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