Piero Sardo


Born in Bra in 1946, Piero Sardo has been president of the Slow Food Foundation since 2004. One of the founders of Slow Food and member of the first national steering committee for Radio Libere, he has worked as a journalist since the 1980s with a particular focus on enogastronomy, amongst others themes.

Editor of several books on cheese and traditional products (Il buon paese, Formaggi d’Europa, Formaggi d’Italia and Verso i cru del Roccaverano, etc.), he was taster and writer for the Guida Vini d’Italia (Italian Wine Guide) since its beginnings until five years ago. His journalistic career began with collaboration with Guide dell’Espresso e all’Unità and continued with many publications. He is a regular contributor to the Slowfood magazine and several daily and weekly publications.

He conceived some of Slow Food’s most important projects (Ark of Taste, Presidia, Earth Markets) and is involved in numerous Slow Food campaigns, particularly to protect raw milk cheese (Slow Cheese), introduce correct labeling for quality products (Narrative Labels), and to promote animal welfare.