Baked Goods

A Presidium can be started for a traditional type of bread, pastry or other baked good.

Each processing phase must take place within a specific production area.

Reference must be made to the guidelines for plant products for the cultivation of the grains used.

None of the ingredients can come from genetically modified crop varieties.

If wheat or other grains characteristic of the production area are used, this must be specified and highlighted on the label.

Ingredients and processing

  • The ingredients for the product must be of local origin. If they cannot be sourced from within the historic production area, they must come from the surrounding region (unless they are ingredients that were historically imported, such as vanilla, cacao or coffee).
  • If the production is characterized by the presence of wheat or other grains, typical varieties must be used, or varieties traditionally cultivated in the production zone. If grains are not grown in the production area, they can be sourced nationally.
  • The ingredients used must be of high quality. Original ingredients, not semi-processed ingredients prepared by external processors, must be used. For example, the use of margarine, refined palm oil, coconut oil or other substitutes for higher-quality ingredients is not allowed.
  • The use of flavorings of industrial origin or synthetic is not allowed. Natural flavorings must be either spices, essential oils and/or extracts produced by the same producer and the label must specify each individual ingredient used. Generic phrases like “natural flavorings” are not allowed.
  • No synthetic preservatives, colorings, sweeteners or other additives are allowed. Emulsifiers such as mono- and diglycerides, flavor enhancers, glazing agents and humectants are not allowed.
  • Eggs must not be freeze-dried or frozen. Ideally they should come from a free-range or organic farm.
  • For rising, sourdough or another natural rising agent should be used, obtained from a starter kept by the baker (obtained from flour, water and possibly activated with sour milk or fruit) and regularly “refreshed,” or from a dried sourdough starter. A small percentage of brewer’s yeast can be used to trigger rising, but only with good reason.
  • The reworking of frozen or partially cooked dough is not allowed.
  • Salt must be sea salt and of national origin (unless sea salt is not produced in the country of origin).
  • The finished product should be preserved naturally, without the use of chemical means.
  • Packaging should be made from recyclable material and, if possible, biodegradable. Secondary packaging (multiple layers) should be avoided. In particular, the use of plastic materials should be avoided as much as possible, and natural materials connected to local artisanal traditions should be chosen instead.
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