BrazilFruit, nuts and fruit preserves

Dostoyniy Grape / Достойный

RussiaWines and grape varietals

Капуста листовая сибирская красная русская

RussiaVegetables and vegetable preserves

Cudduruni a Miliddisa

ItalyBread and baked goods

Cape Honey Bee

South AfricaInsects

Амударьинская форель Amu-Darya trout – Каратагская форель

TajikistanFish, sea food and fish products

Гура-об (гураоб)

UzbekistanSpices, wild herbs and condimentsVinegarWines and grape varietals

Ibrandy ebomvu’

South AfricaWines and grape varietals

Moskonfyt (sometimes referred to as Kaapse Moskonfyt)

South AfricaMiscellaneous

Asphodelus tenuifolius

AlgeriaSpices, wild herbs and condiments