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South AfricaCereals and floursFruit, nuts and fruit preservesLegumes

The Nama Riverene Rabbit – Bush Mans Rabbit

South AfricaBreeds and animal husbandry

Wild Garlic

South AfricaEastern CapeKwaZulu-NatalSpices, wild herbs and condimentsVegetables and vegetable preserves


South AfricaKwaZulu-NatalVegetables and vegetable preserves

Karoo Lamb and Mutton

South AfricaBreeds and animal husbandry

Hazel’s Harvest Marula Jelly

South AfricaCakes, pastries and sweetsFruit, nuts and fruit preserves

Jugo beans

South AfricaLegumes

South African Naked Neck Chicken

South AfricaWestern CapeBreeds and animal husbandry

South African Mullet

South AfricaWestern CapeFish, sea food and fish products


South AfricaCured meats and meat products