Brilliant Belgium!

There are many formidable stories from Belgium, and one in particular is worth talking about: the story of the silent battle that hundreds of producers are fighting everyday to defend and share the tastes and aromas they have inherited through the generations. It’s not the kind of high profile battle that you might read about in the newspaper, but one thing’s for sure: their products are not among those that you might find on the crowded shelves of your local supermarket.


If you had had the good fortune to cross the threshold and enter into the cellars where the last producer of raw milk Herve cheese still works, or to watch traditional syrups of apples and pears being boiled, or even to taste the finished, final products, you would realize that they deserve more credit and recognition than they currently receive.


Raw milk Herve cheese and Hesbaye and Land of Herve artisanal syrup are two very different products that go together well. Herve cheese has a unique, complex aroma and the taste has been described as piquant, salty and slightly bitter. Its flavor becomes more pronounced as it is seasoned. The artisanal syrups have a wonderful aroma of caramelized fruit, are viscous and have a sweet taste that takes on light, sour notes depending on the amount and varieties of apples and pears used. In spite of these flavors in industrial variants of these products prevail, why?


On Friday October 24, at 2pm in the Biodiversity House at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, the producers of these first two Belgian Presidia will be here to tell the story of their daily battle and let you taste their products.

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