Ch’hiwates du Terroir: an Alliance of Taste!

In 2013, two friends decided to open a restaurant in Rabat, Morocco. Dounia left his job as a manager in an accountancy firm to follow his dream: “I always like inviting friends for dinner and making the most of our regional produce”. Nadia was an architect and decorator, and has always loved nature. Since 2010 she has run the agro-ecological company “Les Coteaux du Bouregreg” whose allotment is part of the Slow Food 10,000 gardens in Africa project. The idea of working to promote the richness of her local produce was therefore very much in line with her interests.


Both are members of the Slow Food network in Morocco, and in 2013, Dounia and Nadia were able to meet celebrated chef Meriem Cherkaoui during an event held as part of the Slow Food Alliance of Chefs project. They were impressed by his creativity and decided to put his advice into practice by opening their own restaurant.


The result is a largely organic menu based on local produce. Natural products and herbs are directly grown by Nadia on her eco-agricultural farm in Shoul; the cheeses come from a cooperative in Rabat; the meat and fish are freshly bought from small shops in the local neighborhood; the beldi chicken is grown by a cooperative in Brechouna (a Terra Madre food community supported by Slow Food in Marocco, 50km outside Rabat); and the Moroccan fair trade platform Taswiq supplies the produce that comes from more distant cooperatives, such as the Slow Food Presidia projects (Alnif cumin, Taliouine Saffron, Zerradoune salt), argan and olive oil, honey, amlou (spreadable almond cream), couscous and berkoukech.


Ch’hiwates du Terroir offers its clients cheerful and light food at affordable prices in a family setting. Even the cooking team has been selected with care. Before she joined the kitchen, Chef Couad was a housewife. It was her exquisite tagine – cooked for the last Terra Madre Day, organized by the Slow Food Bouregreg Convivium – that helped her become a professional cook.


Dounia will be present at Salone del Gusto on Thursday October 23 during the Taste Workshop “The Biodiversity of Couscous in Northeastern Africa”. She will be cooking her couscous for you and speaking about her experiences in Morocco during this event organized with the Slow Food Alliance of Chefs.


Chiwates du Terroir
7, Rue d’Oran, Hassan, Rabat
Dounia Bennani
00 212 5 37 26 26 28 / 00 212 6 61 22 13 38

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