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The Zergui is one of important and unique native variety of Djebba fig (Ficus carica L.). The fig trees grow up to 3-5 meters tall with large leaves, their fruit is dense blue in colour and is 2-3cm in diameter.
It is a drought resistant variety that is very well adapted to the environment of Djebba. Djebba is a small village based in Mont El Gorraa in Tunisia.
Djebba is home of 17 different figs varieties that are only grown in this commune of Tunisia. The figs are known throughout the country.
In 2020, Djebba has been recognized as a GIAHS site – Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System thanks to its rich agrobiodiversity.
Zergui fructifies in late summer between August and September, during what is called the Karmous season. This variety gives a beautiful blue fruit when ripe and is produced for community consumption.

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Production area:Mont El Gorraa

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