Zázrivský Korbáčik

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A traditional Slovakian cheese with a special and rare braided shape, Zázrivský Korbáčik is produced in the small mountain town of Zázrivá, in the Orava region, in the north of the country. Based on some written reports, it began to spread in the mid 1800s and was an important source of income for the community in the past.

It is produced with raw cow milk according to the traditional method and can be smoked or not smoked. The processing technique involves cutting the curd into pieces and steaming it. The obtained mass is kneaded by hand and then pulled into thin strings, that need to be immediately plunged in cold water.
The cheese is then salted (in brine), left to dry and braided into its characteristic braided (korbáčik in Slovakian) and small whip shape. It is then smoked (cold) until the rind reaches a golden color. The non-smoked version has a less intense color and more delicate flavor. Both types have an elastic and compact paste.

Zázrivský Korbáčik is produced for the main religious holidays (Christmas and Easter). It is eaten fresh with a glass of wine.

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StateSlovak Republic

Žilinský kraj

Production area:Zázrivá Commune, Orava region

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Nominated by:Rastislav Neupauer