Zalla broad bean

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The broad bean, Vicia faba L. is an annual vegetable belonging to the Fabaceae family. It grows straight with large root development. Stems can reach over a meter and leaves are composite, alternate, green in color and without tendrils. Broad beans have long been a basic food for Basque people and over the centuries have acclimatized to inland areas as well as to the coast. It grows better in a cool climate from 12 to 18ºC. This native broad bean variety, which has adapted over centuries to the conditions of Las Encartaciones, has a very fine flavor with excellent sensory qualities and is therefore highly appreciated. Chefs who use it in their restaurants comment that it has strong flavor without being sickly and gives fresh flavor even when mixed with other beans. After peeling, the beans are a great delicacy with outstanding texture and taste. Zalla broad bean is typical of Basque Country. Towns of Zalla in Las Encartaciones region (Province of Bizkaia), and Getaria, Province of Gipuzkoa are its main production areas.

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