Zagarise Tomato

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The Zagarise tomato is a small tomato full of seeds, which is planted among olive trees. This type of tomato does not require irrigation. The crop has been restarted and promoted in the last few years by a small group of young farmers who have been looking for new methods to promote ancient products. Producers keep the seeds from year to year and this allows maintaining the consistent quality of the product. This tomato has extraordinary sensory characteristics, which make it suitable for both fresh consumption and preserves (such as sauces).   The tomato is grown in the Zagarise municipality within the National Park of Sila, in southern Italy. However, it is a difficult product to grow within the olive trees, which can be located in impracticable areas. Its small size and the presence of many seeds make it the exact opposite of industrial tomatoes used to make sauce. These more productive and commercial crops have also invaded the Zagarise area, replacing local varieties.

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Production area:Zagarise Municipality, Sila National Park

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