Yurlov rich-voiced chicken

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Yurlov rich-voiced chicken

Юрловская голосистая порода кур

The biggest chicken breed in the world. The live weight of hens is 5-7 kg, of females 3,5 – 4,5 kg. These chicken produce 120-130 eggs per year, whose weight is the biggest in the world among hens – up to 90 grams. The breeding is made in order to select the animals according to the duration of song (these chickens can sing up to 25 seconds) and timbre of voice (there are tenor, baritone and bass). Speaking about the meat, its quality is particularly good for a simple reason: the attention to the singing ability develops chicken’s lungs and this condition implies a high blood oxygenation. Therefore the meat has no fat, its color is garish pink and there is no fat under the skin.The breed has a 200-300 years history of selection. It was bred in several Central-Chernosemny Regions: Orlov, Kursk, Tambov and Lipetsk. The breed is characterised by following its high viability, high capability of great endurance and adaptability to severe climatic conditions and its fine constitution. The female have a strongly pronounced instinct of hatching. The bird is quiet and modest. During growth the breed needs sufficient feeding and foraging spaces.

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Nominated by:Alexander Baranov