Wild Pear Compote

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The region of Gollobordo is located in Eastern Albania and shares borders with Republic of Macedonia. It remained relatively isolated for the larger part of the 20th Century and is traditionally inhabited by a majority of ethnic Macedonians and a minority of Albanians. The local economy is based on small-scale farming and pastoralist activities. One of the traditional food product prepared in this region is wild pear compote. It is made from wild pears, Pyrus pyraster. The plant flowers from April through May, however the fruits are harvested after the first frosts in November. They are quite hard and astringent but they have a sweet taste. Once harvested , they are set aside on straw for a while to make them dry. The fruits sometimes are also left for fermentation in order to prepare the traditional Albanian beverage called raki. After the drying process, the whole fruit is cooked in water with honey. Wild pear compote is easy to prepare and is made from inexpensive ingredients but it risks disappearing because the wild pear has become quite rare and then this type of homemade food has been replaced by convenience goods. The wild pear compote is rarely made, just for special occasions.

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