White Horned Heath Sheep

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White Horned Heath Sheep

Weiße Gehörnte Heidschnucke

The White Horned Heath is a frugal sheep particularly suitable for grazing the rough heathland and moors of northern Germany. The area of production is the Weser-Ems region in Lower Saxony. The decline of heath and moorland in favor of conventional agriculture is associated with the almost complete disappearance of old frugal breeds like the White Horned Heath. Today gourmets consider the meat of the White Horned Sheep a delicacy. The sheep are nearly all year out to pasture. The lambs grow up slowly drinking mother´s milk for at least a hundred days. The meat of the White Horned Heath is very delicate and due to extensive conditions the meat has a gamey flavor.

Image: © Stefan Abtmeyer

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