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Slovenská biela hus

Slovak white goose, locally known as Slovenská biela hus, is an autochthonous breed of domestic goose. The breed is said to have originated in western Slovakia, in a city called Nitra. In the past, Slovak white goose was associated with grazing and the songs which were singing by the young girls who were taking care of the animals. On that basis, many poems, rhymes and songs were created.
The Slovak white goose can be characterized as a moderate breed geese, suitable for the production of meat, liver and feathers. The breed is known as hardy breed with good recovery of pasture with preserved instinct hissing. It features a compact, slightly sloping posture, attractive appearance and strong constitution. The Slovak white goose can live be up to 12 years. The average female weight is 6 kg, Gander reaches 7 kg, 11-12 kg for fattening. It is an easy to breed goose but since it is a rustic breed it needs to be able to graze.

Due to the small number of breeding individuals (200 females and 100 males), the Slovak white goose is classified as endangered breed.

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StateSlovak Republic

Nitriansky kraj

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