Voghera Pepper

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The Voghera pepper has a cubic shape and, typically, four ribs. Three are acceptable; however, five are not. The peppers are very light green color, before turning yellow to yellow-orange in the phase just before maturation. Dark green peppers that mature into a red color do not conform to the variety’s specifications. The flesh is thin with a low water content, firm, and well suited for transportation and conservation, particularly under vinegar. Voghera peppers have a very sweet taste, with only a slight typical peppery taste and, consequently, are easy to digest. The sturdy plant is of medium height, about 50-60 cm, with light green leaves and characterized by a good ability to fruit early.   Voghera peppers were widespread throughout their production area between the provinces of Pavia and Alessandria from 1920 to 1950. They were marketed not just in Italy, but also the rest of Europe and the United States. From 1950, problems with plant illness limited the growing of this pepper, leading to its disappearance except for small-scale cultivation that has remained in private gardens for family consumption and small farms in the Voghera area. Occasionally, these small producers will sell the pepper at local markets. In 2006, an effort was made to collect seeds and restart the commercial production of this pepper, but its limited market availability slows down its exposure to a wider audience.

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