Vjaznikovskij Cucumber

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Огурцы сорта Вязниковские

The Vjaznikovskij cucumber is an old, local variety that was widely cultivated in the late 19th century near Vladimir and Moscow.

It is long, egg-shaped and shiny, light-green in color. It is 9-11 cm in length and weighs 80-130 gr. The cucumbers, selected by local farmers over time, are planted at the beginning of May. The first seedlings are transplanted in the fields at the beginning of June. The cucumber is ready to be picked 45-50 days after germination. It tolerates variations in temperature very effectively and produces a good harvest even in mild summers. It is also very disease resistant. The yield is 2.6-3.5 kg/m2.

It is very suitable for cultivation in fields and greenhouses (as long as they can remain open), and is frequently grown in the Vjaznikovskij District. It is still included in the state register of varieties grown in the Russian Federation and is found for sale in a number of seed shops.

The Vjaznikovskij District is located in the region of Vladimir, in European Russia, in the flood plane formed by the Klyazma River where the pedo-climatic conditions are ideal for this horticulture. Unfortunately, it has suffered from recent cross-pollinations and mass greenhouse cultivation.

It is excellent not only preserved in salt or vinegar but also fresh in salads.

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Vladimir oblast

Production area:Vjaznikovskij District

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