Viticuso Abbuoto

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Viticuso Abbuoto (abbuot in the local dialect, meaning “wrapped”) is a cooked sheep sausage, made from sheep meat and offal, eggs, paprika and hot peppers, spices, which is typical of Viticuso. Viticuso is a very small mountain community in the province of Frosinone located at 825 meters above the sea level.

It seems that the origins of this salami are very ancient and linked to pastoral traditions. This type of transformation allowed the shepherds to bring meat with them and to consume it even while they were away for long periods of time due to the migrations of the flocks. The fact that it is a cooked salami, means that it can be kept for a long time. There are very few butchers who still produce it, and only one of them is located in the town of Viticuso.

The Viticuso Abbuoto is eaten sliced like a normal salami. In July the community of Viticuso celebrates its territorial excellence by having a festival every year in August.

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Production area:Viticuso Municipality (Frosinone province)

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