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Sacs dels ossets Ventre dels osset

The ventre d’ossos is a traditional type of salami from the Valles Oriental, prepared traditionally in the season of the pig slaughter.
The animal is gutted without completely opening the belly: some parts of the ribs are cut and left with small, ground pieces of bone. After that, the meat is ground and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then everything is mixed and put in the belly, making sure there are no air bubbles left inside. It is cooked for three hours, under pressure, together with other types of salamis; the cooking time depends on the size and age of the pig, which can be determined by observing the thickness of the belly.
The origin of this product lies in the need to use all parts of the pig, without wasting anything, and to find a way of increasing the shelf life of meat.
Traditionally, the salamis are hung in a cool place and used all year round in the preparation of stews and vegetable soups with fava, peas and other types of beans. The ventre d’ossos can still be found in some restaurants of the area, usually offering it to young people to introduce them to it.
The production of this salami is very small: there are only three producers left, making small quantities of it. Nowadays, pork belly has been substituted by intestine due to hygiene and sanitary legislation.
Because of the technical difficulties and the change of eating habits, this salami is produced increasingly less.

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Production area:Valles Oriental

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