Tyrolean Spitzlederer Apple

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Tiroler Spitzlederer apfel

The variety probably comes from Tyrol and South Tyrol, because today it still is very commont there. In Lower Austria the Spitzlederer is very rare, there is just one location known, in the “Buckligen Welt” (“hunchback world”).

The species was first described before the year 1900 and according to the latest genome researches, the Tyrolean Spitzlederer is a mutant of the Spitzlederer.

The shell of the variety is fine, rough and thin. Its color is greenish-yellow to yellow, but this is barely visible, because the Tyrolean Spitzlederer is entirely covered with a fine rust. The flesh of the Tyrolean Spitzlederer is greenish-white to white, fine-celled, moderately juicy. At the first bite the apple is definitely crispy, but as one tastes it, later on the pulp becomes a little bit crumbly. It has a sweet-bitter taste with a pleasant aroma. The Tyorlean Spitzlederer is ready to be picked at the end of October and ready for eating in November until around May.

The Tyrolean Spitzlederer is an excellent variety for leathery apples’ lovers.They can also be used for the production of wine and juices as well as for compote and for drying.

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