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каурма, тыал

“Tyal” or “ghavurma” is a fried lamb or mutton dish from the mountainous areas of Armenia, where pastoralism is still prevalent.
Traditionally, tyal is prepared during the winter season, in order to guarantee a supply of meat with very long shelf-life that does not go bad without adequate refrigeration.

It is prepared through frying different cuts of ovine meat, which are then thoroughly salted and placed in hermetically sealed boxes. Before sealing the box, the meat is covered in butter or lamb’s fat. Usually tyal containers are buried and left below ground for a couple of weeks.
Tyal can be consumed hot or cold, and it is predominantly used in the preparation of stews with grains (or rice), legumes and pieces of meat.
Tyal cannot easily be found for sale, as its production in very limited and it is made mostly by shepherds and their families.

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