Tuscarora White Corn

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Tuscarora White Corn

Also known as Iroquois White Corn, it is a non-hybridized heirloom variety of 8-row corn. The plants are low yielding. Historically this corn has been a staple of the Iroquois Nation, not only linked to good physical health, but also inextricably connected to the vibrancy of traditional native culture. After hulling, the corn is dried and used for three different preparations. The first is Hulled Whole Hominy,  a whole corn kernel also known as posole with wonderful corn flavor and consistency. The second is Tamal flour, which is made from hulled corn that is then stone-milled. Finally comes the Roasted Corn Flour, where the corn is lightly dry pan-roasted and then stone ground. The roasted corn meal has a sweet, nutty, true corn flavor.

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StateUnited States

South Dakota

Production area:Iriquois

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