Triora Mountain Pasture Cheese

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An industrial version of this cheese is made using pasteurised milk but the mountain pasture product involves heating raw milk to 37°C and inoculating it with liquid calf’s rennet. About two hours later, the curd is milled into hazelnut-sized pieces and allowed to settle on the bottom of the vat, where is stands for about one hour. It is then removed, salted and transferred to moulds. It is pressed in the moulds for three or four days, after which the hard-pressed curd is moved to a damp, cool room to mature. It ages for about three months, but in many cases maturing goes on for up to a year. It is these more mature cheeses that offer a more complex tasting profile. It features a rough outer rind, sometimes lined by the basket, straw-yellow in colour shading into brown with maturing and a firm, compact, golden yellow body, sometimes with a few eyes. Its top and bottoma are flat, 25-40 cm in diameter, it is generally 5 cm high and has an average weight of 5 to 7 kg. It is porduced in the mountains around the municipality of Triora (province of Imperia, Liguria)

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