Trebisacce Late Harvest Blonde Orange

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The late harvest is an orange variety that is famous for its sapid taste and that is grown around Trebisacce, a village in the Alto Jonio area, between the sea and the Pollino mountains. This particular orange variety was able to adapt to the weather and soil conditions of Alto Jonio area: the Pollino massif is a barrier to the cold currents and the low percentage of clay in its soil makes oranges ripen later. The oranges, in fact, are left in the tree until late spring, this is why the Trebisacce late harvest blonde orange is a summer fruit. Leaving the oranges on the tree is a way to preserve their organoleptic profile and improve the balance between sweetness and acidity. Trebisacce’s orange groves are also known as vineyards, since this soil had to serve for vine growing but it was later occupied by orange groves. The late harvest blond orange is an egg-shaped fruit, bright-coloured and with an average weight of 180 grams. The peel contains a compact and juicy pulp, with a strong and delicate smell, at the same time. It can be eaten fresh, in fruit salad or to make spirits. An annual fair to promote this orange, even as an ingredient for new recipes, and the whole Trebisecce’s area is held every year in May. This orange actually supported the local economy until the 1960’s, in fact it was quite popular even outside the region. This orange started declining when commercial, even foreign, varieties were introduced. Today the vignaruli (local farmers) are not selling it, due to its cheap price that cannot cover the maintenance costs for the orange groves, as a consequence, it is used just within the family. This product should need a higher care, in order to promote it and support its few remaining growers.

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Production area:Trebisacce area (Cosenza province)

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