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Tupì is a traditional fermented cheese from the Catalunian Pyrenees, made from the leftover curds of Serrat cheese. The name “tupì” comes from the small, earthenware containers in which the curds were traditionally fermented.

Tupì is believed to have originated for reutilizing cheeses that had production defects. It is prepared using sheep milk, aguardiente (or another strong liquor) and olive oil. When Serrat cheese breaks up during production, or cured more than necessary, or has another kind of anomaly, this cheese is produced from it. The cheesemaker mixes all the ingredients in a small clay jar, then covers the mixture with a cloth to let the cheese ferment in the open air and prevent insects from entering. Depending on the weather conditions, Tupì is ready in two to three months.

This cheese has a sharp, strong, tangy flavor. It can be stirred with tomato sauce and honey to mitigate its strong flavor and this mixture is usually spread on slices of homemade bread.

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Production area:Pallars Sobirá, Cerdanya and Alt Urgell regions

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