Traditional Genepy from the Cuneo valleys

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Genepy is an infusion obtained by macerating Artemisia mutellina, a wild plant that grows throughout the Alps above 1500 meters. Picking of wild plants is forbidden by law and producers of Genepy liqueur now use cultivated plants. However most producers use seedlings from Swiss nurseries as native varieties are very delicate and less productive, although their aroma is more intense and they have much higher concentrations of essential oils. In earlier years an artisan producer of Genepy had collected dozens of samples of Artemisia mutellina ecotypes from the Maira, Gesso, Stura and Grana valleys, and successfully reproduced them. He now produces his own seeds and grows them biodynamically in Palent (Macra), in Val Maira. He has set up a facility for drying the plants naturally using wood-fired heating and produces the liqueur in his own premises according to traditional local methods. His Genepy is produced only from male Artemisia mutellina plants. Local varieties are highly endangered and there is a high risk of contamination between the currently cultivated seedlings from Switzerland and native plants.

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