Traditional Arkatena Bread

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Arkatena is a type of “koulouri”, a circular bread made with leaven using the foam produced from chickpea fermentation called Arktis. They are produced in Omodos and Koilani village, in Limassol district.
The preparation of Arkatena is quite long: milled chickpeas and ginger are immersed in hot water in the morning and by late evening, “foam” starts rising at the surface.
During the night the bread is costantly stirred and this is the secret for a successful arkateno (singular of arkatena); in case it is not successful, then the arkatena become stony, it does not rise, and does not become light and crispy as it should be.
The most common arkatena takes the form of ‘paksimadia’, a roll or rusk. The ingredients used for it preparation are ‘arkatis’, flour, and various aromatic essences such as vegetal mastic (gum), ‘mehlepi’ (mahaleb cherry seeds), nutmeg, and rose water. The ‘piroma’, meaning the preparation of the oven, takes place along the making of the arkatena. After being baked, the ‘paksimadia’ are left for several hours in the oven to harden.
It is either consumed in the soft form or as bread. It is offered in the church, in celebrations, and in memorials.

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Production area:Omodos and Koilani villages, in Limassol district.

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