Sweetened Rye Bread

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Salinata Rudzu Rupjmaize

Latvian sweetened rye bread is baked with coarse rye flour with some caraway to give a special taste and smell. There is no yeast added to the dough, but the fermentation occurs naturally. Depending on the type of bread, the raising process can take up to 42 hours. This long rise favors the development of E and B group vitamins. Another feature of this typical Lativan rye bread is that some sugar is added to the dough. The dough is left to rise in wooden vessels. Then, each loaf is hand-formed by a master bake. The rye dough is very tender. The bread is baked in special wood-burning ovens. The baked loaf has smooth and shiny dark crust, which is polished with starch or water.

Individual loaves have an oval shape, and usually weigh one kilogram or more. The large size of the loaf means that the bread can be stored for a longer period of time, and gives it an excellent flavor. This type of bread has long shelf life of up to ten days. Rye bread has been baked in Latvia since ancient times, with the recipe passed from generation to generation and detailed in cookbooks dating back to at least the early 1900s. Latvia has an ideal climate for growing cereals and flax, and its predominantly flat land is used for growing rye. Latvian sweetened rye bread made from local grains can still be found in specialty bakeries, but overall, it is facing competition from bread made through industrial breadmaking processes, which are less time consuming to make and cost less.

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