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Choori, a classic Lakki Marwat dish, has a long history and is traditionally eaten after the end of the Islamic month "Safar." According to folklore, when Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H became ill and later recovered during Safar, Hazrat Fatima R.A cooked Choori to celebrate his recovery. As a result, this meal is revered as a sacred cuisine. Its contents are produced from natural sources, including Desi ghee, wheat flour, and Jaggery. Choori is frequently provided to both people experiencing poverty and loved ones. It tastes sweeter and is healthier for your health. Choori, with its recipes and deep historical value, is a treasured cultural relic that must be preserved through the local community initiative as it is rapidly vanishing. Unfortunately, the younger generation is unfamiliar with this product, and it is critical to build knowledge about it through awareness campaigns. Despite its high nutritional value, the mandate for these manufactured goods is decreasing.
Bread is made from wheat, then put it on stove. After that, the first layer of bread is removed from both sides. We grind it by hand and place it on pan. Finally desi ghee and jaguarry are added in it during cooking.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Production area:Lakki Marwat

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Bread and baked goods

Nominated by:Tehsin ullah and Dr Shujaul Mulk Khan