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Stiefelgeiss, also known as Booted Goat because of the darker color of its legs, is a domestic mountain goat. The breed can be found in the uplands of St. Gallen and in the canton of Glarus, in Switzerland. Until the1920’s, the number of Booted Goats was stable but began a steady decline soon after, nearly becoming extinct in the 1980’s.

It is mostly thanks to the care of the Pro Specie Rara foundation, that the breed is being maintained. Nowadays, the responsibility of its maintenance is assumed by the Booted Goat Breeders Club of Switzerland. In 2001, only 600 goats were registered. Stiefelgeiss are robust and vivacious. The color of the coat varies from a bright, grey-brown to a dark, red-brown and both bucks and does are horned. Booted Goats typically have a long mane running the length of the back called Mänteli. The color of the mane differs from the rest of the coat, either darker or lighter.
The Booted Goat is a hardy breed, well adapted to the local climatic and geographical conditions of the eastern Swiss cantons, where it had been purposefully bred until the 1920’s. It is suited for extensive breeding, and very useful for the maintenance of the landscape since it adapts very well to its surroundings for finding food. It is mainly used for meat production, and has good mothering abilities.

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