Stachys tymphaea Tea

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Peshkopia is a town in Dibër County in northeast Albania, near the Macedonia border. In Albanian culture, tea is considered a beverage that promotes long life and vitality. This drink is associated with family values and respect, all family members gather to drink it together. In addition, it is believed that local environment resources, plants which are used for tea making, play an important role in the provision of folk medical care. Tea made from Stachys tymphaea is drunk not only as an ordinary beverage but also for colds and flu symptoms. The plant is a perennial herb found in forest openings and dry meadows. It is very rare and it is difficult to find. The aerial parts of the plant are harvested in August and then dried. Its basal leaves are oblong-ovate or ovate. Flowering stems erect usually branched above. Due to the rarity of plant, the tea is drunk just on special occasions.

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