Shriew Snam Iong or ‘Riew Tong Yam

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Shriew snam iong or ‘riew tong is a type of yam with a deep violet colored flesh and a dark brown skin. Like other yams, the plant has long and broad green leaves. It can be grown in dry areas or found in the forest near the village of Thadnongiaw in Meghalaya, in northeastern India. This is a very popular variety, often served along with tea as a snack. It is usually prepared boiled in water, but can also be cooked along with bamboo, fermented fish, chili peppers and salt for additional seasoning.  

Although appreciated locally, communities report that this particular yam variety is attacked and eaten by insects. Locals have tried to use natural methods of insecticides, such as ashes,  to combat this, but it has not been effective. Therefore, many farmers are abandoning this particular variety. It is a relatively low yielding variety, with just 500 grams of yams collected from individual plants. Shriew snam iong is not grown as a commercial crop, but for personal or family consumption. Because it is not a profitable crop, and dealing with insects is difficult for farmers, many are choosing to cultivate other yam varieties instead. 

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