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The Saribeyler Seferberlik Çöreği is a Bread was firstly made by Sarıbeyler town of Savaştepe district of Balıkesir for the soldiers who went to the front during the 1st World War and the War of Independence, has been produced with the same method for nearly 100 years.
This product traditionally prepared with native and ancestor of Altındane and Mirsa wheat flour, yoghurt made of domestic gray cattle, milk, north Aegean olive oil, sugar and tarhana yeast.
The leaven for our dough is also inherited from our great grandmothers. The dough made with ancient yeasts is kneaded in large bowls. The yeast for the bread is prepared from a mixture of yogurt, tarhana, sugar and olive oil the day before and yeast waiting for a day is mixed with flour and water. After forming the dough, divided into small pieces and sesame each one abundantly.
The Seferberlik Bread is made into a round shape, covered with washed sesame seeds and then thrown into the oven in the garden of the houses, are cooked in about 10 minutes and made ready. dried in a cool place and stored for 2-3 months without spoiling with challah colour with savoury taste and like sour bread consistency.
The breads made at the military farewells and weddings are being sent from the man’s house to the girl’s house (in a variable amount depending on the family’s budget, at most 100 units) in special baskets before the wedding, and that the girl’s house put the halva from the boy’s house in these breads and distributed them to her relatives as wedding invitations and consume it both as bread and as a muffin or bun, called “Seferberlik Çöreği “.
Therefore, there is no mass – produced version. Since the limited number of elderly women know the recipe (Traditional process of production) of Seferberlik Çöreği, it is a risk of disappearing. For this reason, the Savaştepe Slow Food community, are trying to attract attention of people so that traditional process of production of “Seferberlik Çöreği” be transferred on to the next generation from our grandmothers and we can lead to preserve such local food heritage.

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