Savignac Tomato

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Savignac tomatoes, also known as Dufresne tomatoes, are round (8-10 cm in diameter), medium to large sized (180 to 350g) and have a red-pink color. The taste is juicy, sweet and flavorful. This Quebec variety is well adapted to cool climates and very short summers. Fruits reach maturity between 75 and 80 days, and the plants are very productive. They can reach more than 2.5 meters in height. Plants are highly adaptable to different soil types, but prefer fertile soil that is well drained, in full sun and sheltered from wind.It was in 1948 that Father Armand Savignac obtained the first seeds of the Savignac tomato through Raymond Dufresne from the Lanaudière region, Quebec. He was so impressed with the vigor of the variety, that he began to cultivate it exclusively, and called it after the name of the man who gave him the seeds. It is for this reason that is also found under the name ‘Dufresne.’ Their early cultivation was highly influenced by the religious culture of the Clerics of St. Viator in Quebec. At the time, attitudes strongly encouraged the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic nutrients and other forms of synthetic supplements as the pinnacle in the field of agriculture. However, these farming methods did not fit in with the health and values of the religious men. Therefore, the tomato crops (along with numerous fruit tree varieties) were insead cultivated with organic methods. Historically speaking, several generations of orchardists in the area have said that ‘Dufresne’ were present in the Montreal area since the 18th century and were common until about 1950. There are currently only two seed manufacturers producing plants of tomato Savignac, however. Therefore, the Savignac tomato is at high risk of sinking into oblivion if either of these seed sources is lost, preventing the future cultivation of this unique variety.

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