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عسل سمرة

Samra honey is a dark, amber-colored honey and has highly therapeutic properties due to its high enzymes and minerals. It has a sharp taste with a hint of sweetness.

It is usually used more for medicinal purposes rather than as a table honey.

In Saudi Arabia, the Samra tree (Acacia Tortilis) is mainly found in the valleys of the Sarawat Mountains, especially in the desert valleys near the coast. Its blooming season starts from the beginning of May until early June.

It is considered one of the trees mentioned in the Qur’an and Hadith, and it is said to be the tree near to where Allah (God) spoke to Moses.

Samra honey is a monofloral, produced by bees that are transported to flowering locations from late spring to early summer. The Samra flower is usually favored by bees due to the abundance of pollen grains, making them beneficial for beekeeping and honey production. Due to the limited presence of the Samra tree in Saudi Arabia, its honey is considered rare. This, combined with its unique flavor, makes it an extremely sought-after and coveted product.

The biggest threat Samr trees face is excessive logging, as the wood of this tree is preferred for fueling fires due to its high calorific value, and therefore must be protected.

The selection of the products is supported by the Culinary Arts Commission of the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia.
In collaboration with Azka Farms, Saudi Arabia.

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StateSaudi Arabia


Production area:Valleys of the Sarawat Mountains

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