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Runditt is a traditional recipe, made by women, formed of a very thin flour and water based sheet of pastry, once made just for Carnevale, All Saints Day and San Biagio, after blessing of the throat. It seems that it has origins in Celtic traditions. The special feature of Runditt is characterized by its baking normally using a stone called “preia di runditt”. The evolution in the preparation of Runditt also includes the use of a specific round (approximately 30 cm in diameter) or square iron griddle. The process entails heating the griddle over coals in a fireplace or on a stove or in a gas oven. When the griddle reaches the right temperature, the batter is twirled in concentric circles using a wooden spoon starting from the sides and pulling it as thinly as possible.
Without letting the griddle cool too much, it is necessary to prevent the Runditt from cooking too much and, placing it on an adequate flat plate, spread butter from the Alps on it, then sprinkle salt and fold it over. It should be eaten hot.
With the arrival of modern times this practice has tended to be forgotten. Thanks to some women from the area and surroundings the technique has been handed down. The is a very old recipe preserved by the females, especially from Malesco, that has been handed down from mother to daughter

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