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Aceituna Royal de Alloza

Alloza is located in the Iberian Somontano of Teruel, with mountainous terrain and an average altitude of 600 metres above sea level. Alloza has a continental Mediterranean climate, with marked seasonality and an average annual rainfall of 500 mm.

The royal olive tree has been adapted to the Alloza climate for at least 500 years.

Today, The Aragonese Cooperative Society Campo de San Blas counts 60 active members, harvesting around 3000 kg/a year of olives each, equivalent to about 100 olive trees. Olive growing is not the main economy of the producers, being an income supplement and also has a component of emotional attachment to the inheritance of the ancestors. The ownership of the olive trees is indeed inherited from generation to generation, generating an emotional bond with the crop and with the traditions of harvesting in the family. The ritual of going to pick olives involved the whole family, being a kind of feast in which knowledge was exchanged between elders and children.

The cultivation technique does not include irrigation in any olive grove. This gives good and bad harvesting years depending on the rainfall and temperatures of each year. Harvesting, usually done between November and December, when the olives have a yellow/reddish colour, is done manually with combs and nets and also with mechanical tools.

The olive variety is stable, with a very high polyphenol index, dating back to a concentration of 460 mg/kg, according to a laboratory study in 2019. The annual production is 425,000 kg. 90% of the olives from the municipality of Alloza are of the Royal variety.

The olives are pressed within 24 hours of harvesting at a temperature of no more than 28ºC. In order to guarantee quality and compliance with the extra virgin category.

The oil obtained from the olives of the Royal de Alloza It is obtained by cold pressing using mechanical processes. The oil is smooth, with a fruity flavour and a golden colour.

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