Reggiano Appennine Pecorino

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The tradition of transhumance on the Reggiano Appennines dates back to Roman times: in fact, there are numerous citations of cacio, caseus, or giuncate—all names for the sheep’s milk cheese produced in this area—in the region’s early literature. By the end of the 19th century, local sheep milk cheeses fetched highed prices than cow milk cheeses. Reggiano Appennine Pecorino was once made from the raw milk of the Cornello sheep, but this heirloom breed has been replaced by the Massese and is on the brink of extinction. Reggiano Appennine Pecorino raw milk cheese is aged from three months to a year. Production Area: Communes of Reggiano Appenines: Baiso, Buana, Canossa, Carpiteti, Casina, Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Collagna, Ligonchio, Ramiseto, Vetto, Viano, Villa Minozzo, Toano (Province of Reggio Emilia).

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